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Welcome to Growing Healthy Children Therapy Services, Inc.!  Located on a hillside farm in the Sierra Nevada Foothills, we provide a range of therapy services that are client-centered and focused on helping the whole family.  We are pleased to offer physical, occupational and speech therapy, along with assistive technology services. 
We specialize in helping children of all ages in the areas of:
Gross Motor Development
Bilateral Coordination
Strength and Agility
Fine Motor Coordination
Posture and Stability
Visual Perception
Visual Motor Coordination
Social Skills
Sensory Integration
Self Care Skills
Assistive Technology 
Communication Device Needs
Computer Hardware/Software

Welcome to Growing Healthy Children!  Located in Northern California, we provide a range of therapy services that are client-centered and focused on helping the whole family.  

We offer quality:

Occupational Therapy

Speech Therapy

Physical Therapy

Feeding Therapy

Dietary Support

Adaptive Physical Education

Assistive Technology Services

Therapy is tailored to meet the complex needs of each individual.  Our therapists build on the strengths and interests of each client while helping to improve areas of need.  

    We help children of all ages with a variety of special needs.  Our therapists have worked with children with many types of disabilities including Autism Spectrum Disorder, Genetic Disorders, Learning Disabilities, Communcation Disorders, Attention Disorders, Sensory Processing Disorder and others.  Our team takes the time to learn about each family and their unique challenges in order to provide hope and support.  
    In order to best serve families, we have two clinic-based locations.  We have an amazing multi-disciplinary team in both El Dorado County (right outside of Folsom) and Yolo County (in the heart of Davis).  For more details on our locations, click on the Driving Directions tab.
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Here is an inspirational story about one of our clients to brighten your day! Thank you Hayden for sharing your story and encouraging us all to follow our dreams! 
Thank you to Dr. Lucy Jane Miller and the STAR Center Team for helping design our state-of-the-art therapy center on 3.5 acres in Northern California.