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Enrichment Classes
We recently became a vendor with various charter schools to offer general education, enrichment classes for children of all ability levels.  Our first two classes will be a friendship club and a physical education class. Taught by highly qualified teachers with years of experience, these classes will help your child gain valuable life skills and provide a great opportunity for social skills practice. Classes will be one day per week, on Tuesday afternoons.

Friendship Club:
Come and join us for fun, activity-based sessions!  We will play active games, do crafts, and projects while learning how to be good friends and get along with each other. Group members will practice positive friendship skills while learning cooperative relationship building interactions.

Physical Education Class:
Come and play various exercise games and sports with a focus on developmental skills and healthy living!  The games will provide learning opportunities for students of all abilities.  Each class will focus on a different sport and be lots of fun!

Friendship Club K-4th grade!

Enjoy games, crafts, and physical activities while developing and practicing positive friendship skills.


Friendship Club 5-8th grade girls!

Develop friendships, positive communication, and social skills in a fun and safe environment.


Friendship Club 5-8th grade boys!

Create friendships and gain social skills through teamwork and brain storming challenges!


Physical Education Class!

Exercise and be active with friends while promoting healthy bodies!


Class Details:                                                         

Location: 3498 Green Valley Rd., Rescue CA 95672

Cost: $150 per 6-week session

Mondays:    2nd Session Starts 10/23!

2:30-3:20 Friendship Club 5-8th grade girls

3:30-4:20 Physical Education K-6th grade boys and girls 

4:30-5:20 Friendship Club 5-8th grade boys

Fridays:  2nd Session Starts 10/27!

2:30-3:20 Friendship Club K-4th grade boys and girls 

3:30-4:20 Physical Education K-6th grade boys and girls 

4:30-5:20 Friendship Club K-4th boys and girls 

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