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Intensive Therapy: Sensory Integration

    At least 1 in 20 typically-developing children need help paying attention and completing work because their bodies do not process information from their senses the way everyone else does. Classroom noises may distract them, the tag in their shirt may drive them crazy, or the artwork around the room may just be too much. For other children with sensory processing disorder (SPD), they can’t sit still in their chair, they constantly hum, or they bump into everyone in line. These children can learn better and not distract other students when given some tools to help regulate how their brains are registering the sensory information all around them.

    Children with SPD have been shown to benefit from intensive therapy using a sensory integration approach.  GHC models our intensive therapy program after the STAR Center.  Families come and stay nearby while receiving therapy services 5 times per week for 4-6 weeks at our state-of-the-art destination therapy center.  Using a multi-disciplinary approach to address motor coordination, language development, feeding challenges, social skills, and independence with daily living skills, we provide comprehensive support. 

    Our team members are certified as an Advanced Mentored Clinician in SPD by the Sensory Processing Disorder Foundation.  The SPD Foundation is lead by Dr. Lucy Jane Miller, the leading researcher in Sensory Processing.  Our director, Robyn Chu, is on the Sensory Processing Disorder Foundation Faculty.  If you would like more information on Sensory Processing Disorder, please contact us or visit  Call today to schedule a burst of intensive therapy.

Travel Information:

Fly into the Sacramento International Airport and then stay at the Holiday Inn Express Hotel & Suites El Dorado Hills.  This hotel is walking distance to great food, a grocery store, a movie theater, and coffee!

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Fun Things to Do and See

  • Folsome Lake: Right down the county road and wonderful for hiking, picnics, and swimming.
  • Coloma: Visit the place where gold was first discovered in California. There are lots of trails and historial momuments.
  • Gold Bug Mine: Walk through a real gold mine.
  • Rafting: The American River is a great place to go rafting!
  • Parks: This area is known for it's incredible parks including the Promontory Park with great water features and Castle Park with a great wooden castle.  Go here for more information:
  • Folsom City Zoo Santuary: See animals in their natural habitat and go for a train ride.
  • Sacramento Children's Museum: a great place to play, explore, and learn!
  • Apple Hill: Located in Camino, there are pumpkin patches, hay and corn mazes, petting zoos, candy making, play areas, nature trails, pony rides, arts and craft activity stands, scavenger hunts and even a miniature train ride, pioneer museum and family play park.
  • Lake Tahoe: 1.5 hours away and a peaceful, beautiful place. Great for skiing in the winter and swimming in the clear, blue water in the summer.  There are many amazing hikes as well!
  • Shopping: The Palladio offers lots of shopping and dining options.  Go here for more information: