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Continuing Education

We love bringing quality continuing education to our area!  Please see the following list of courses for 2017.
Thursday the 2nd - 5th: Level 1 - STAR Institute Mentorship at the Rescue Clinic!
(This course is sold out, but we will host it again in 2018)

Participants of STAR Institute’s Level 1 Intensive Mentorships learn to apply clinical reasoning through treatment observation and analysis with experienced therapists.

  • Observe children in direct therapy with experienced STAR Institute Treatment Center therapists using combined occupational therapy (OT) and listening therapy (LT).
  • Experience active mentoring before, during, and after treatment sessions.
  • Receive group processing/supervision guided by sensory pioneer Dr. Lucy Jane Miller and Dr. Sarah Schoen, clinical services advisor for STAR Institute.
  • Learn about the newest assessment tools.

Level 1 Mentorship Program Objectives

The objective of STAR Institute's Level 1 Intensive Mentorship program is to provide participants with a basic understanding of the latest research in SPD and the ability to:

  1. Differentiate subtypes of SPD
  2. Utilize clinical reasoning tools for intervention and home adaptation developed by Dr. Lucy Jane Miller and Dr. Sarah A. Schoen
  3. Recognize realistic and functional goals using Goal Attainment Scaling
  4. Recognize the importance of engaging families in the treatment process
  5. Become familiar with appropriate tools to evaluate children with SPD
  6. Observe client sessions and discuss treatment planning
  7. Become familiar with the STAR Treatment Model
  8. Address family needs and desires
  9. Synthesize information in an OT assessment, write treatment notes using clinical reasoning approach, and communicate with physicians